We will be closed Christmas 2019 through until the New Year


Prices from October 2019

Double Pen

1 Cat – £13.00 per day
2 Cats sharing – £18.00 per day

Family Pen
3 Cats Sharing – £22.00 per day
4 Cats sharing – £26.00 per day

Booking information

Charges are per day.

Fees will be payable on collection of your cat.

Reducing the days of a booked stay will need at least 3 days notice, if not, full payment will be charged.

Cancelling a booked stay will need at least 3 days notice, if not full, payment will be charged.

Only cats from the same household may share a pen.

We only accept cats who have an up to date Vaccination Certificate for Cat Flu and Feline Enteritis and ask that they are free from fleas and transported in a safe carrier.  You will leave the Vaccination Certificate and Cat Carrier at the cattery during your cat’s stay.

If your cat needs medication or a special diet that is not a problem. Please make sure you bring enough for their stay.

Please remove any collars from your cat.

You are welcome to bring along any beds, toys, blankets, etc to make you cat feel at home, but please make sure these are clean.



Arrival and Collection Times

Monday to Friday
Mornings – 9 am to 11 am
Evenings – 6 pm to 7 pm

Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holiday Mondays
Mornings – 10 am to 11 am

No collections or arrivals on all other Bank Holidays

We are licensed by Malvern Hills District Council Number 18/06608/ANIACT and insured by Cliverton Insurance.

Please call 01886 884867 to book.

Or if you prefer, send an email to amanda@pussycatcattery.co.uk or use the contact form below.

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